Day job

New Zealand Taxpayers' Union

As Lead Creative at the Taxpayers' Union, I am responsible for creating visuals that represent the brand, including print media, social media marketing, and marketing materials. On a daily basis, I meet with the rest of the communications team to discuss strategy, positioning, and ways to grow our online audience. I create visuals that are both captivating and that get results. I ensure that the brand remains consistent and up-to-date.

Social Media

On a daily basis, I create graphics for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that are both visually appealing and on-brand. We measure engagement and outcomes to ensure my graphics are effective.

The Poll

The Taxpayers' Union curia poll is a political poll that is produced every month.

My process begins with understanding the data behind the polls and developing a comprehensive design system to ensure consistency and accuracy. I'm passionate about creating easy-to-interpret graphs and infographics that make complex information more accessible. My design system streamlines the process of creating visuals, enabling me to quickly and effectively communicate poll results.

I am always interested in exiting new projects. Let's chat about making your business thrive with good graphics.

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