My design process is an efficient and effective. Through exploration, experimentation, and refinement, the right solution will reveal itself. My process begins with Discovery, where I gain a comprehensive understanding of the project, and continues through Inspiration, Play, Refinement, Execution, and Delivery. Each step is tailored to the individual project, meaning that the end result is as unique as it is successful.


This is where I research and analyse. I look at brand goals, values and outcomes, market position, and trends to get a complete understanding of the project.

I consider the competition and market position of the project. I analyse the aesthetics, including look and feel, typography, colour, proportions, texture, photography, illustration, placement and medium.

Finally, I look at market trends to ensure the design is cutting-edge. This to ensures that my designs are not only effective and impactful. This information is the medium that I can carve the soluton from.


I start by creating collating visuals that embody the project from an aesthetic perspective. This includes images, colours, typography, and other elements that capture aesthetics and feelings. I take inspiration from art movements, digital mediums, print media and contemporaries' work. I develop a clearer vision of the project and use this to create a solid foundation for Play.


The Play step of the design process is where I awaken my inspiration. I experiment with visuals and elements, mixing and changing combinations of colour and texture. I explore look and feel, typography, placement and medium, and begin to reveal the solution.


The refinement step of the design process is where I take the diamond from the rough and put everthing where it needs to be, titaring and optimising balance, unity, contrast, proportion and hierarchy.

I review the project in its entirety and make sure the design reflects the brand's values and message, reviewing the functionality and user needs of the design.

At this stage I present the option to you, the client to get insights and feedback and make adjustments.

tama migakasareba hikari nashi

a jewel, unless polished, will not sparkle
- Japanese saying

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